The 4 Best Subnautica VR Headsets in 2024 (Updated Reviews)

Whether you’re a dedicated gamer, or a complete newbie who’s yet to experience the beauty of Planet 4546B, wanting to try out Subnautica in VR makes perfect sense. 

If this sounds like you, you’re probably thinking “what’s the best Subnautica VR headset then?”. That is exactly why we’re here – to give you what you asked for, and if not, even more. 

If you’ve ever been hunting for a pair of good gaming headsets, you know it can be a struggle. Choosing anything tech-related is a herculean task – there’s always something better coming every second for much better prices. 

Worry no more! To help you choose, we’ve gone through four of the most popular and best selling VR headsets down below in detail, all in one place so you don’t have to go looking for answers all around the internet. 

Whether you’re an avid gamer, a beginner, or have no idea what VR is but saw the trailer on YouTube, we’ve got you covered. Interested? Then keep reading! 

Best Subnautica VR Headsets At A Glance

  1. Valve Index (Best High-End)
  2. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ (Best Overall)
  3. Oculus Rift S (Best Value)
  4. HTC Vive Cosmos

1. Valve Indexbest high end headset, most realistic

When talking about the absolute best, the Valve Index is right at the summit. It’s sleek ergonomic design not only places it among the best overall headsets, but it also makes it one of the best looking VR headsets as well. 

It’s worth mentioning that the Index comes with a hefty price point – so it’s expected to perform better and smoother than other headsets from the get-go. 

Even though the display capabilities aren’t exactly up to par with some of the other options listed below on paper, the experience is noticeably different in real life. Don’t knock it till you try it!

The Index starts with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. That’s right. You read it correctly! This is the only VR headset that pumps out 120 Hz, and the best part? It can go even higher. 

It has an experimental 144 Hz version as well, in case you were ever worried about motion sickness. 

To top that off, Valve decided to increase their field of view to 130 degrees – making it so close to your actual real-life peripheral vision. How cool is that?

Either way, the Index is not a perfect fit in every way and most certainly has some flaws. But if you do have the cash, and don’t mind spending it on this rather than rent, then it’s definitely worth it. 


  • Provides best and highest refresh rate in the list
  • Better field of view that doesn’t compromise image quality
  • Exceptional audio quality with adjustable speakers


  • One of the heaviest headsets in the market
  • Expensive
  • Do not get truer colours and deeper blacks like OLEDs

2. Samsung HMD Odyssey+

Allowing the users to enjoy much more of a cinematic experience rather than playing a game, Samsung’s HMD Odyssey+ has brought new meanings to exploring and enjoying a gaming world. 

With a resolution of 1400 x 1600, the Odyssey provides an exceptional quality of life like images underwater.

But where this headset shines is by it’s OLED display. Although it is not as bright as other displays, it does offer you a world with deeper blacks and much truer colors. It is definitely a sight to be seen. 

However, it does lack the ingenuity behind the fancy electronics to keep up and offer a consistent frame rate throughout the game – especially if your PC is not high-end. 

It does have the power and is fully capable enough to provide a 90 Hz refresh rate, but it is definitely struggling to keep it consistent and keeps falling down all the way to 60hz if your PC isn’t beefy enough. 

Unless you’re confident with your PC’s capabilities, you should really consider going for a different pair as it could easily trigger motion sickness, with too much time spent underwater. 

Regardless of these shortcomings, it still does perform extremely well with compatible PCs and treats you to an exceptional cinematic experience. 


  • Provides you with deeper blacks and vivid colours with it’s OLED display
  • The second cheapest option in the list
  • Premium sound quality provided by built-in AKG headphones. 
  • Adjustable, comfortable and sturdy headband. 


  • Cannot provide a consistent and stable refresh rate
  • The second heaviest headset in the list
  • No option to plug any other third party headphones.

3. Oculus Rift S – best budget

If you were looking to game on a budget, this could potentially be the best option for you as it’s the cheapest on the list. 

Although having a resolution of 1280 x 1440 would make it seem mediocre compared to others, it is no slouch when it comes to producing quality and impressive content right in front of your eyes. 

If you want crisp images, you absolutely have to think about the refresh rate, because that is essentially what gives you that smooth experience while gaming. 

Unlike the Odyssey above, the Oculus Rift is fully capable of providing a solid 80Hz refresh rate throughout the entirety of the game – as long as your PC is strong enough to handle Subnautica in all its glory. 

Adding to those breath-taking visuals, is its fantastic 110-degree field of view – you’ll get to fully experience and swim through the never-ending murky waters of Planet 4546B!

Not only does it help you to enjoy a more far-reaching world, the clear peripheral vision you gain from the headset will favor a much higher clarity for every danger around you – so watch out! You never know what lurks in the dark. 

Speaking of knowing what lies in the dark, the Oculus Rift is more than capable of delivering exceptional audio quality, thanks to it’s smaller speakers inside instead of the typical on-ear headphone implementation.

You’ll have a hard time telling what’s real and what’s in-game. They’ve done a remarkable job fine-tuning their drivers to make it as immersive as it can be.

If you were still on the edge of considering an Oculus Rift, this could be the game changer you were looking for all along as the battery life to its controllers are the best among all the headsets mentioned in the list.

With a battery life of 30 hours with haptic feedback turned off, you are undoubtedly set for that marathon weekend you were looking forward to. Even if you do feel fancy and want to get the entire immersive experience with haptic feedback, you’d still have 20 hours left in the tank – so you’re more than good! 

If you were looking for the ideal VR headset on a budget, this is definitely the best bang for the buck. 


  • The lightest and the cheapest option on the list
  • Ergonomic halo headband with impressive audio quality
  • Solid motion sensing and tracking


  • Since it uses an LCD, you will be missing out on deep blacks and truer colors.
  • Have the lowest resolution among the list.
  • The refresh rate is decent but lower than others

4. HTC VIVE Cosmos

Being the second most expensive headset on the list, the HTC VIVE Cosmos does an amazing job bringing comfort to a whole other level, thanks to their forward thinking mindset and ingenuity. But that is not all it does, so let’s dive a bit deeper. 

Right out of the bat, it is definitely important to mention the resolution this beauty has. Having a resolution of 1440 x 1770 makes this the headset with the highest pixel density in the group. 

You’ll get to enjoy a crisp image quality like no other – the blue waters you’ll always swim through will appear nothing but crystal clear. 

Just like having amazing visuals, it is also important to have a headset that supports higher refresh rates so your eyes can actually perceive that without getting motion sickness, which is exactly what the VIVE is capable of – providing a smoother experience with a consistent 90 Hz. 

Paired with an OLED display, this is just the combo you’d need to have the ultimate visual experience. 

However, the best part is not even that. One of the most underrated features that people seem to ignore when considering a VR headset is their comfortability – which fortunately enough, worked well for HTC as it is built solely around providing a stress free experience. 

Although the VIVE is known to be a comfort pick, it still has it’s downs like every other. Sound quality is decent, but it definitely is not up to par with the Oculus Rift’s smaller speakers. 

The battery life of the controllers aren’t as reliable either as they were always in need of a recharge after every two or three hours – which is sure to affect the gameplay of any casual user. 

Either way, it’s still a remarkable VR headset with it’s own unique implementation of comfort and convenience.


  • Extremely Lightweight, lightest option in the list
  • High quality HD visuals thanks to higher pixel density
  • Flip up design switch for easier transitions between reality and virtual reality


  • Worst battery life on controllers in the list.
  • Features like deeper blacks and truer colors are absent even though it’s an OLED
  • Field of view is decent but can be better.


What is the most comfortable Subnautica VR Headset?

Just like any other electronic product in the market, the exact levels of comfort can vary depending on the person. Even not paying too much can be a major comfort to a majority of gamers out there, so let us clarify it even further. 

If you’re on the lookout for the most comfortable headset in the market, regardless of the price, brand or availability, you can never go wrong with a Valve Index. 

This headset is built like a tank to give you the best VR experience with no compromises to comfort. Valve has managed to bring the perfect balance of comfort and simplicity both in one elegant package but it will definitely make a dent in your bank balance so it’s wise to think twice before going for an Index. 

On the less expensive side of the market, there is Oculus Rift S coming in strong as well. It is not as well built as a Valve Index but it will definitely get the job done with minimum cash.

Will I get motion sick playing Subnautica VR?

You’ve every right to worry about getting motion sickness, not just while playing Subnautica, but playing any VR game in general as there is a lot of movement involved. 

But more specifically to Subnautica, you will constantly be swimming around underwater so it is safe to assume you’d be moving around your head all the time – especially if you’re trying to get away from that spooky Leviathan. 

Whichever danger you’re trying to get further away from, you’ll need a quality pair of headsets with a decent refresh rate to mimic real life as closely as possible and to avoid giving you motion sickness at all costs.

If you’re prone to get motion sickness often, or just want to have a quality time without having to worry about anything at all, we’d recommend the Valve Index. 

Although it is a bit on the pricier side, the Index offers the highest refresh rate among the four of these headsets which will make it ideal for your sea sickness worries. 

Is Subnautica VR a game more for expert gamers or good for all skill-levels?

No matter what game you’re playing, if you have ever heard someone say a game is for experts only, politely raise your headset over your head and put it on. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, especially when it’s not even close to being true. 

Subnautica is essentially a survival game which urges you to explore deep underwater. This game is brimming with scenic locations underwater, along with a massive civilisation of alien fish and plants. 

Although it does have some typical gaming features like taking damage from “enemies” and dieing, it is extremely easy and simple to follow along. There’s absolutely no need for you to come up with complex strategies or practice for hours on end to beat the “level boss”. 

So, whatever your skill-level is now, it is more than enough to play and enjoy Subnautica through VR, in all its beauty. 

Is Subnautica in VR good?

Just like for every other game, saying a game or bad will obviously depend on a majority of factors and the whole topic is highly subjective. 

That being said, Subnautica in VR is the next best thing since sliced bread. Okay, that may be pushing it a little bit, but you get the gist. 

Whether you’re new to VR in general, or have played Subnautica before but haven’t tried the VR version, it would be a crime to not see it all the way through in VR. 

The idea of being stranded on an unknown planet with who knows what lurking ahead already makes it one heck of a game. But the sheer loneliness and immersion you get to feel when you’re transporting yourself to that planet is captivating – to put it simply. 

Having been in early access for a very long time on Steam, Unknown Worlds finally released it 5 years ago, and it is now widely considered one of the most supported and popular VR games in this generation, and rightfully so.

So yes, in our opinion, Subnautica in VR is very, very good. You wouldn’t regret it if you tried it!

Final thoughts

Here we finally are, at the near end of our journey, with some final thoughts left to be said. 

All in all, Subnautica is a breath-taking game filled almost entirely by unexplored waters, just waiting to be explored. Being able to experience that in Virtual Reality is no ordinary event. For that, you have to be well equipped. 

Even though there are plenty of headsets that can run this magnificent game, we’ve brought you the best and the most popular choices to select from where you can enjoy it the way it’s actually meant to be. 

Make sure to always focus on your needs and wants before doing anything. A higher refresh rate is always welcomed in any household but it won’t go as easy on your wallet. 

It’s safe to say that you’re now fully capable and ready to take on the entire Planet 4546B now that you’ve gone through this article and know what’s the best Subnautica VR headset. 

Fill up your O2 tanks and prepare to dive in with your radiation suit. Your brand new adventure awaits!