The 4 Best VR Headsets for Roblox in 2024

Roblox isn’t just for kids anymore (raises hand).

With a number of large jumps in gaming technology in recent years, gaming in virtual reality has never been as accessible. High-quality products dominate the market, each with its own unique benefits – and drawbacks. 

Choosing the right headset for your needs can be tricky, what with so many stellar new headsets to choose from. So, what is the best VR headset for Roblox?

Below, you’ll find our thoughts on the top 4 VR headsets currently on the market. We’ve also answered some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to VR. 

Best VR Headset for Roblox At A Glance 

  1. Oculus Rift S (Best Budget)
  2. Meta Quest 2 (Best Overall)
  3. HTC VIVE Pro (Best High-End)
  4. Samsung HMD Odyssey+

1. Oculus Rift Sbest overall headset high end

When you think of VR, it’s hard not to think of the Oculus Rift, one of the first headsets on the market. But does it still hold up today and is it good enough to enhance your Roblox experience? 

Building upon already solid foundations, the latest model of the Oculus Rift is exceptional. Offering their users an incomparable and high-quality gaming session that is more than worth the asking price. 

The set-up is extremely easy, unlike a few VR headsets you can purchase, making this the ideal option for new users (and the little ones). On top of this, the Oculus Rift S provides fairly impressive comfort, reducing the strain that a lot of VR headsets are known for. 

As Virtual Reality is still a fairly new field of technology, entry into it can be pretty expensive. The Rift S, however, is one of the most affordable options out there. 

If you have ever wanted to dive into the world of Roblox VR, few headsets come as highly recommended as the Oculus Rift. 


  • Perfectly designed for beginners
  • Affordable price 
  • Comfortable design reduces strain from long-time use.


  • It may not be compatible with all computers. 
  • You need 4 USB ports for full functionality. 

2. Meta Quest 2

For those of you looking for an alternative to the excellent Rift S, the Meta Quest 2 is an ideal choice. The only wireless option on this list, wire-haters will instantly fall in love with this VR headset.

Unlike most other VR options out there, the Meta Quest 2 does not require a powerful or expensive computer. Instead, the Meta 2 features an inbuilt processor and graphics card, offering an alternative to non-PC users

Check out our review of the best standalone wireless VR headsets here.

Sadly, this does come with the caveat that fewer games are available for the Meta 2, but it is more than worth it if you do not want to splash out on a pricey gaming PC.

In terms of graphical prowess, the Meta Quest 2 is on par with the Oculus Rift. Although it relies on its own internal processing power, it is more than capable of keeping up with the big boys. 

If you are wanting to play Roblox in VR but you don’t have a PC powerful enough for it, then this is perfect for you. Offering everything you need right out of the box, the Meta Quest 2 makes VR accessible


  • Does not need a gaming PC to work.
  • The wireless design avoids tangled wires.
  • Set-up is instant. 


  • Smaller game library 
  • May struggle to keep up with the latest games. 

3. HTC VIVE Probest in high resolution

If you are looking to play your VR games, such as Roblox, in high definition then the HTC VIVE Pro is our recommended pick. The VIVE is an extremely powerful, but surprisingly comfortable bit of kit.

The 1440 x 1600-pixel resolution per eye is far higher than other competing VR brands. This does come with a slightly higher price but is more than worth it if you are after the best-looking gameplay.

Immersion is key when it comes to VR products, and the HTC VIVE Pro excels in it. With incredible sound design, reinforced by extremely high-quality output, the VIVE offers you an immersive experience like no other. 

Offering everything you need to explore the many worlds of Roblox like never before in stunning high resolution. The HTC VIVE Pro is a superb piece of technology, and one we recommend you check out for yourself. 


  • High resolution offers clear gameplay and improved graphics.
  • Extremely comfortable even over long gaming sessions
  • Compelling sound design 


  • More expensive than some other options
  • Not as accessible as the Oculus Rift

4. Samsung HMD Odyssey+best Windows Mixed Reality headset

Although the Samsung HMD Odyssey+ isn’t the most powerful headset on the market, it is easily a contender for the best. Offering its users crisp visuals thanks to dual AMOLED displays, this headset brings out the best in your games. 

The provided controllers get the job done but could have benefited from a few extra months in development. They are comfortable and completely usable, however, but lack as much functionality as some contenders. 

Thankfully, the sound design and general performance make up for this. With minimal lags or frame drops, the Samsung Odyssey+ runs as smooth as butter. This is reinforced by one of the best audio outputs on this list to provide its user with a fully immersive experience.  

Comparing this to other Windows Mixed Reality headsets is like comparing coal and diamonds. The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is easily the best of that collection in terms of both power and graphical performance. 


  • Crisp and clear image quality
  • Immersive sound design 
  • A lightweight design ideal for all users


  • Included controllers can be lacking
  • The fairly high price point


Can you play Roblox on a VR headset?

Playing Roblox on a VR headset is not only possible but also highly recommended. Experiencing the many creations of Roblox players in virtual reality is a one-of-a-kind experience.

How much does a VR headset cost for Roblox?

Ideally, when it comes to purchasing a VR headset for Roblox, you should not expect to pay much more than between $400 – $600. Thankfully, Roblox doesn’t require the most expensive VR headset to get the most out of it. 

Can I play Roblox on Oculus Rift S?

Roblox offers support for the Oculus Rift S. No extra set-up is needed, you can simply plug-and-play as with most VR headsets.

How do I play Roblox on Oculus Quest 2?

Setting up Roblox for your Oculus Quest 2 is fairly straightforward; below are all the steps you will need:

  1. First, download the Oculus App onto your PC, and install it by following the pop-up steps.
  2. Ensure your Oculus Quest is connected to your PC using a USB cable and then launch the Oculus App. Make sure you click ‘accept’ when it asks you to enable Oculus Link.
  1. Once this is done, Launch Roblox and make your way to the in-game settings menu. 
  2. In the menu, enable the VR option and restart your game.

Final thoughts

There’s never been a better time to dive headfirst into the world of virtual reality. Now, more than ever, VR headsets are both affordable and extremely powerful – offering even a general user an impressive new experience. 

Hopefully, our reviews have helped you find your next big gaming purchase, so you can experience Roblox like never before!

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